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Endless Possibilities

Luccy’s innovation is a breakthrough in the way fresh hummus is being produced and served. Luccy automates the art and process of making delicious, fresh hummus – requiring much less space, staff, and labor. With the push of a button on a touchscreen, hummus is made in seconds, without human intervention.

The fresh, warm, and great taste combined with the ease of producing and serving the product is far superior to the competition. Luccy is superior to competing products in two main ways: (1) the product it produces; and (2) the method the product is being produced.

1. Luccy’s hummus is superior to any other packaged hummus. First and foremost, Luccy’s hummus is superior to any other packaged hummus because unlike any other packaged hummus, Luccy’s hummus is fresh. F-R-E-S-H. Luccy’s hummus is perfect in a store setting where hummus is being sold (annual hummus sales in the U.S. hit $900,000,000). Luccy’s intuitive and easy-to-use design and interface can offer all hummus consumers that purchase hummus in stores the opportunity to purchase their favorite dip fresh with all its nutritious benefits. Luccy offers adjustable quantities and numerous recipe combinations.


2. The supremacy of Luccy is in our method and blend of ingredients, in which the hummus is made in front of the customer. There is no comparison to the current manner that hummus is marketed and produced. Luccy takes the art and process of making delicious, fresh hummus and automates it. With the push of a button on a touchscreen, on-the-spot production of the hummus begins in seconds. This simple, automated process ensures consistency in taste and texture. Due to its compact size with industrial capabilities, the space that is required to place and operate Luccy is minimal, far smaller than any kitchen setting required when fresh hummus is being made manually. This allows restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, dining halls and alike, in any size, to offer fresh hummus without any consideration of space, time, preparation, and manpower. Due to its intuitive interface, Luccy can easily be operated by the end-customers, which eliminates the need for specialized staff to operate it, and produces amazing hummus.

The benefits from our innovation to the foodservice operators are vast. Here are a few examples:

1. Perfect for any foodservice operator size – Foodservice operators of any size can now offer fresh hummus to their customers. From hole-in-the-wall establishments, food trucks, street food fairs booths, restaurants, cafeterias, private and public dining halls, to hotels and hospitality establishments, and alike – all now can offer fresh hummus with endless recipes without any prior knowledge or experience in producing fresh hummus, and without any barrier to entry and with minimal market entry costs. 


2. No Prior knowledge needed – The preparation is all done within Luccy and the hummus is dispensed on demand. Once loaded with the ingredients (our chickpeas and tahini paste) Luccy is ready for operation. The process of grinding, mixing, seasoning and dispensing the final creamy product is all being done automatically with the push of a button and in seconds. The making of fresh, delicious hummus is an art, which requires knowledge and experience. Luccy eliminates this requirement completely, and democratizes the hummus making process and the ability to offer it everywhere and to everyone.     


3. Very limited space needed – Luccy is a compact industrial machine, fitting easily in any sized kitchen, serving point, or POS. Its small size and space requirement translate to not only its applicability to any sized foodservice operator as described above, but also to major savings in space and operating costs. As a way of example, the kitchen space requirement for fresh hummus production in a restaurant is 100 sf. With Luccy, the space requirement in the same restaurant (with larger production capabilities) is 10 sf.  


4. Product quality consistency – The automated process of producing fresh hummus offered by Luccy ensures the precise consistency in quality, taste, and texture. These consistencies are guaranteed regardless of the identity or availability of specific staff and location.  


5. No preparation time – Making quality fresh hummus requires long preparation time, which includes soaking and cooking of the chickpeas. Luccy avoids the required long preparation time – saving over 15 hours of the process. In addition to that long period of time, the making of the hummus takes additional time. Luccy requires no preparation time whatsoever and the making time of the final product takes seconds. The lack of preparation requirement combined with the huge saving of time is a major benefit for any foodservice operator. 


6. Room-temperature storage – Luccy’s hummus ingredients (chickpeas and tahini paste) can be stored in room temperature and have a long shelf-life. This convenient storage capability saves energy and cost in storage and shipping. Our ingredients delivered in easy to store sterile packages.


7. Always fresh – Luccy is a first-of-its-kind machine that produces fresh and ready-to-eat food (e.g., hummus) in seconds at any POS or serving point. Luccy’s unique design stores the fresh ingredients in their ultimate storage requirements and is always ready to grind, mix and season the ingredients, producing fresh, creamy and warm hummus, equal in quality and nutrition to high-end fresh hummus found in specialty restaurants. Using only fresh, non-GMO ingredients and no preservatives, combine with Luccy’s innovative technology that sustains the high quality of the ingredients, ensures a fresh and nutritious product. Always.

Let's sum it up. The benefits of Luccy immediately translate into major savings in operating costs, space, salaries, and manpower. For example: (1) Luccy provides any type of foodservice operator and store of any size the ability to offer and sell fresh hummus anywhere and to anyone without any barrier to entry (e.g., space requirement, staff, knowledge, experience) and with minimal market entry costs (i.e., cost of machine and ingredients); (2) Luccy requires very limited space (10 sf.), which saves the cost of any space normally would be required for a full, professional kitchen; (3) No dedicated staff is required in any step of the product making process, and Luccy can be easily operated by the end-consumers. In addition, no preparation work of any of the ingredients is ever needed. The savings in manpower and labor cost is massive; and (4) The automated process of producing Luccy’s fresh hummus ensures the precise consistency in quality, taste, and texture. This high-quality product eliminates waste and returns and any need of costly inventory management (e.g., FIFO).

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